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Looking for something fun to do with friends?
Want to learn how to make great drinks like a pro?

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Sought after Mixologist, Summer-Willow will teach you and your guests how to make fabulous cocktails in the comforts of your very own home or desired space. You and your guests will learn mixing and pouring techniques to create great looking and tasting drinks with ease.  In addition to mixing up cocktails, experience a night of fun and taste testing for you and your special guests. Ready to have a night of fun doing something new and exciting? Contact Summer Willow Mixology today!

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Night In Packages

Choose Your Package

Each “Night In” Package Includes:

  • Ο Traveling Bartender
  • Ο Bar Set-up for Each Participant
  • Ο Hands on Mixology Instruction
  • Ο Alcohol, Mixers, Garnishes, and Bar Tools included in the package
  • Ο Detailed Instructions
  • Ο Practicum with Real Ingredients Provided (popular drinks and cocktails of your choosing)
  • Ο Minimum 4 Guests
  • Ο Maximum 12 Guests

Ladies (or Gents) “Night In” PackageTaste ingredients and learn the fundamentals of how to make a drinks of your choosing. Test your skills and find out if you are a pro.

Party “Night In” PackageTaste ingredients and learn the fundamentals of how to make drinks (up to three) of your choosing. Try your hand at the end and show off what you’ve learned.

Ultimate “Night In” PackagePerfect couples NIGHT IN or challenge amongst friends. Wrap your taste buds around various elements of popular cocktails. All guests compete in the ultimate challenge to find out who can concoct the best tasting and best looking cocktails out of mystery ingredients. The winner receives a prize and the title of “The Ultimate Bartender”.

Traveling Mixology Services

Looking for a Mixologist to mix and serve at your next event?

mixed_drinkSummer-Willow Fitch has been practicing Mixology for over a decade; and considers herself a lifetime student and follower of the art and culture of Mixology. During her tenure, Summer-Willow has “served” in several capacities: Bars & Restaurants, Traveling Bartender for Private Parties & Large Corporate Functions, Mixology Instructor and Bar Management Consultant. She discovered her passion for concocting original recipes in the early stages of her career; which has significantly stamped her brand. Summer-Willow is an engaging, upbeat and professional instructor. Prepare to have fun.

Summer Willow Mixologist offers:

  • Ο Professional and unique bar tending service for your events
  • Ο Licensed and TIPS Certified with over 10 years of mixing and serving experience
  • Ο Ability to provide all the extras for an authentic experience
  • Ο Excellent Customer Service Experience
  • Ο Consultant, Pick up and Drop off Services (upon request)

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Hearts and Hangovers

Coming Spring 2015



Summer Willow is publishing her first literary work “Hearts & Hangovers: 200 Love Cures and Cocktails if All Else Fails.” This trendy cook book is a compilation of her reflections on thoughtful & humorous advice imparted upon her patrons and friends over the last decade; paired with her famous original drink recipes, of course!


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What should I expect from the Night In Packages

A. When you book a Night In event, expect top notch service and instruction. Expect that neither you nor your guests will be responsible for anything except to enjoy themselves.


How many people should I invite?

A. Services and supplies are provided for a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 12 guests. It is recommended to keep the guest number within this range for a more effective and comfortable learning experience.


What types of cocktails will we be making?

A. Summer Willow will teach you recipes and techniques to create cocktails of your choosing or any specialty drink as it relates to the desired package.


How should I prepare for your arrival?

A. 1.) Allowing at least 1 hour set up time before the event  2) Remove chairs or obstructing furniture from the area in which you would like to set up 3.) Designate a table(s) or hard flat surface for you and your guests to work on simultaneously 4). Designate and clear a desired sink/disposal area for liquids/debris.


What is the duration of a NIGHT IN event?

Allow: 1 hour for set up, and a minimum of 1 hour / maximum of 2 hours for instruction (based on the # of guests). Allow the “NIGHT IN” Package to serve as the party-starter or highlight for your already amazing event!


What do consultation, pick up and drop off services entail?

A. When you hire Summer Willow Mixology for Traveling Mixology Services you will receive a free consultation and assistance in designing a complete shopping list. If you don’t have time to pick up the items/ingredients on your list – Summer Willow can do that for you.  Also, if you don’t have time to prepare that party punch or serve those specialty items (Jello-Shots, Pudding Shots, Fruits Kabobs, etc.) at your next event, Summer Willow provides drop off services as well.


Is there anything else I should know?

A. Contact me Today and let’s book your event.