Summer Willow Fitch

Author| Mixologist| Consultant

Affectionately known as “Willow” she is a highly sought after Mixologist who created Summer Willow has been practicing Mixology for over a decade and considers herself a lifetime student and follower of the art and culture of Mixology. During her tenure, she has “served” in several capacities including Mixology Instruction and Bar Management Consulting.  She discovered a passion for concocting original recipes in the early stages of her career; which significantly stamped her brand. She has a distinct reputation for making her clients feel welcomed at her bar, and she embodies service with a smile.

Summer Willow’s career behind-the-bar afforded her countless years of armchair therapy experience and influenced her first published book titled, Let Me Tell You Like I Told Myself: Love’s Truth Never Changes, a compilation of candid reflections and advice she gave herself and subsequently her customers on love and relationships. Summer Willow Fitch has 20+ years of dexterity as a writer with roots in music composition and business writing and her literary contributions have been featured in major trade magazines, blogs, and published books.

Ms. Fitch holds an MBA with an Entrepreneurship focus from Eastern University and lends her talent to coaching and motivating entrepreneurs and goal seekers across industries.   Summer Willow is also the proud Co-Founder of the Black Women Give Foundation (BWG) which seeks to engage and inspire African American women and girls in philanthropy by collectively funding impactful grants for organizations working to foster positive and sustainable change within underrepresented communities of color.

Currently, she is working on several book projects including a second book, Hearts and Hangovers, a cocktail cookbook, and a co-writing project with award-winning author and life coach, Charron Monaye called Plan. Execute. Repeat. This project is a self-help book catering to those looking for a blueprint that explains how to realize and accomplish goals that matter most to their lives.