Summer Willow Fitch holds an MBA with an Entrepreneurship focus from Eastern University and lends her talent to coaching and motivating entrepreneurs and goal seekers across industries and regardless of circumstance. She is a motivator looking to push entrepreneurs toward happiness in love and business. It is her goal to help others visualize their goals, plan the work and work the plan to success. She believes that love and business go hand in hand and passion can be monetized. Summer Willow can be booked for your next convention, classroom, or conference to speak on such topics as:

Vision Board Interactive

Vision boarding is a fun and tangible way to realize your “why’s and how’s” in life. Many people have goals and desires but loose site of them, neglect to create plans for them, and or lack follow through. Vision Boarding 101 is a fun way to engage participants and guide them to being purposeful about what they want to get out of life.

Intended Audience: Women 13+

Relationship Building

10-minute lecture about the foundations of healthy relationships. For 5-minutes participants will complete a self-evaluation then in small groups will dissect personal and business relationships and how to be successful in them. For the last 15 minutes we will report out and take a final evaluation Each participant will receive a copy of my book “Let Me Tell You Like I Told Myself”. The objective of the lecture and exercise is to explore personal truths and understand how we currently relate to others in our personal and professional relationships. We will examine the triumphs and challenges of our thoughts and actions and discuss new paradigms.

Intended Audience: Women 17+