New Moon

New moons are great times to set your intentions. As you think on what you want to manifest in your life, try to use language that is engaging and active instead of hopeful, futuristic speech.

For example:

  1. I am working on creating healthy boundaries.
  2. I create healthy boundaries.
  3. I will make healthy boundaries.
  4. I hope for new, healthy boundaries.

The first two are positive affirmations that put your own power to work, while the third and fourth are wistful wishes to be fulfilled at a different time or by someone else.

This reading is for the Leo new moon that occurs on July 23, 2017. The decks used for this reading include the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, the Journey To Love deck by Alana Fairchild, and the Earth Magic Oracle cards by Steven D. Farmer.

For Single Readers:

Stop. Freeze. Do not move another inch toward a relationship until you’ve gotten back to you and cleansed yourself of the baggage you’re still carrying from the past. Some of you have gotten so used to your stories of abuse, pain, and torment being the reasons that explain current actions and speech that you don’t remember the last time something in your life wasn’t tied to all of that. You are not a pack mule, and you are not built to carry all of that with you; that’s why you’re stuck. It’s why you keep experiencing the same things. You have rooted your actions, thoughts, and words in those tragedies, and as such, you can’t walk away. Unpack, break loose, forgive others and then forgive yourself. Give the mirror permission to change. There’s better for you if you want it. Until you cleanse yourself of your past hang ups, you will repeat your cycle and possibly drag others into it with you. Please don’t.

Under all of that, you have a heart that houses a love just waiting to grow and stretch toward a healthy light. If you concentrate on consecrating yourself, your environments are going to change. You will see people in different light, and you will adjust to walk in your own understandings, truths, and growth.

Remind yourself as you set new intentions that you have the strength to do this. That doesn’t mean you’ll never falter, it means you are capable. Your capabilities will produce the happiness rooted within your heart–that which you crave. Some of this cleansing may remove people…let them go. It’s going to challenge old ways of thinking; these patterns are holding you back…let go. Old vocabulary will get lost and your speech will evolve. Let it happen. This process is going to draw others who have been freed from their baggage to your new walk. The change will change things, and change is what you want. Because, let’s be honest, aren’t you ready for something different? Aren’t you thirsty for a taste of success in your relationships? It starts within you. There is no room for you to receive when you’re juggling the issues you’ve grown so fond of using as excuses for why you can’t escape the present nightmare room you’ve trapped yourself in. Y’all can say ouch if you can’t yet say Amen…it gets real deep, real quick sometimes.

Lastly, remember, as you trek into new lanes and environments, that it is okay, and moreover NECESSARY to create and establish how far you will go and how far others can go before you say enough is enough. Your boundaries are more important than anyone else’s acceptance or understanding. “No.” is a complete sentence all on its own, and sometimes saying “no” is self-love. And guess what? You can’t tell someone else how to love you properly if you don’t know and enforce those standards yourself first.

For Non-Single Readers:

You have baggage that you’ve carried into your current relationships, but you’ve excused them away because your spouse(s) or significant other(s) have accepted them as “that’s just how he/she/they is/are”. Can you feel my side eye in your direction? It’s because you know better. Chances are, something specific jumped into your mind as soon as you read the quote above. Other’s acceptance of your toxicity is not an excuse to not work on it and clean it up. Your relationship counterparts deserve more than that, and so do you.

With this new moon, set your intentions toward giving yourself and your partner(s) room to grow. It’s going to look and feel different, but just because you produce flowers or berries and they produce leaves or branches doesn’t make either change less than the other. Different is not bad. Allow these changes to take place and recognize the room they provide for your own growth. Developing the person in the mirror simple adds to your relationship. The more you learn about yourself, the more you can help your partner(s) to understand how to relate and what you need and are able to give. This way of managing expectations can help your relationships get to the next level a little more easily.

Your self-resolution to grow and succeed as an individual can only bring you happiness. Your idea of happiness may evolve concerning who you choose to create it with or in which situations are acceptable to you. Establishing new boundaries can be traumatic to significant others who are used to how things have always been, however, when they see your personal growth and happiness, hopefully, they will be inspired, or, at the very least, interested in seeing where it leads. Try to make them aware of why you are changing and how much it is helping you. Those who truly care may have concerns, but being open with how and why you are evolving can help them embrace your growth more quickly. You may have to reassure them a bit that you aren’t moving away from them, but toward yourself, in efforts to provide an even better environment for your relationship to continue growing.

If your partner(s) doesn’t/don’t see the value in you loving and caring for yourself, how significant of a voice should they have in your growth and evolution? Simply put…some people won’t accept your growing love for yourself because it might reveal just how much (or little) they are investing in loving you. It’s okay to walk away, no matter how long it’s been. You don’t have to endure a certain amount of suffering to qualify your love of self. You can start loving you immediately. Give yourself permission to do so, and draw that hard line for anyone who says you shouldn’t.

For Everyone:

So now what? Well breathe, because that was a lot. Now, set three intentions for yourself for this new moon. Honor yourself, appreciate yourself, reveal yourself beneath the layers of issues that you’ve adopted as your identity, and finally, love yourself. Love yourself harder than ever before; accept and cherish the mirror. The real you is waiting with open arms. Embrace your being and grow in love. THEN, and only then, allow yourself to embrace those who stuck around to support this extremely important decision that you’ve made to live in your own creation of love and happiness.


Until the full moon,

Love, light, and growth.

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