Do you want to learn how to make cocktails like a pro?

With more than a decade of bartending experience, Summer Willow Fitch created the “Night In” Cocktail Instruction Class series to spread her love of cocktail creation. The “Night In” Cocktail Instruction Class is the perfect alternative to a night out on the town. Learn key fundamentals of bartending, how to use authentic bar tools, taste fresh ingredients, learn popular cocktail recipes and create your own signature drinks! Whether you enjoy this class as a start to your evening or as the highlight of your night, Summer Willow’s classes offer fun and flavor—the ideal recipe for time spent with friends.

The “Night In” Includes:

  • Authentic Bar Set-up w/tools for Each Participant
  • Hands on Mixology Instruction
  • Alcohol, Mixers, and Garnish
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Practicum with Real Ingredients

Do you want to learn how to make cocktails like a pro?

Your guests and you will learn bartending basics and be shown how to make the two most popular drinks on the scene-martinis and margaritas. Once the lesson is taught, guests get the opportunity to try their mixing-hand and concoct a real margarita or martini without pre-made mixes or apprehension. $45 p/person ( 8 Person minimum).

Whiskey Concoctions

Calling all whiskey lovers! Do you have a love for whiskey? Do you want to learn new and exciting ways to prepare whiskey drinks? All classes teach the basics before guests try out different ingredients and combinations to make the ultimate whiskey concoction. $60 p/person (8 person minimum).

Love Potions and Aphrodisiacs

Want to experience delicious cocktails while getting your significant other in the mood? There are specific ingredients that you must have on hand when making love potions and aphrodisiacs. Learn the basics of bartending and create love potions to add extra ambiance to your special evenings at home. This class is highly recommended for couples. $55 p/person (8 person minimum).