Looking for a mixologist to mix and serve at your next event?

  Summer-Willow Fitch has been practicing Mixology for over a decade; and considers herself a lifetime student and follower of the art and culture of Mixology. During her tenure, Summer-Willow has “served” in several capacities: Bars & Restaurants, Traveling Bartender for Private Parties & Large Corporate Functions, Mixology Instructor and Bar Management Consultant. She discovered her passion for concocting original recipes in the early stages of her career; which has significantly stamped her brand. Summer-Willow is an engaging, upbeat and professional instructor. Prepare to have fun. Traveling Mixology Packages starting at $150.00

Summer Willow Mixology Provides:

Ο Professional and unique mixology experience for all event types

Ο Licensed, TIPS certified, RAMP certified and, 10+ years of experience

Ο Top notch customer service

Ο Free event consultation for the optimal experience

Ο Authentic Bar tools/décor and bar napkins

Additional Services:

  • Event Shopping Services:
    • Don’t have time to shop for your special event? Hire Summer Willow to not only serve cocktails but to shop for all ingredients for the bar. All items will be charged at cost + service fee. All you need to do is open the door when she knocks.


  • Pick up and drop off services
    • Just want some punch or a few trays of Jell-O or pudding shots? Tell Summer what you need and she will whip it up and deliver. All items will be charged at cost + service fee.